Las Cruces Game Convention 2021

A Southwest Gaming Event

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Schedule for 2019

Cosplay Contest - 5pm Saturday 03/23/2019 - run time about 1hr to 1:30.

Show off your amazing projects and for some, the hard work with the sowing machine.

We will have a panel of 3 judges from the cosplay communities. Judging you on;

  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Character Interpretation
  • Showmanship
Blue Dragon Dojo Martial Arts Demo - 2pm Saturday 03/23/2019 - run time about 1hr.

Fictional fighting game characters like Kim Kaphawn (King of Fighters/Fatal Fury) use a very real form of self defense and Martial Art named Taekwondo. Want to learn all the amazing moves and more. As well as develop skills like discipline and self motivation? The Blue Dragon Dojo from our very own town will demonstrate awesome moves and get you pumped to try out the same techniques our favorite video game characters use on every button press. For the first time, they will be showing us the power of self defense

Address: 961 N 5th St, Las Cruces, NM 88007
Phone:(575) 805-9167

Ramen Eating Contest - 5pm Friday 03/22/2019 - run time about 1hr.

How fast can you eat 3 bowls of Ramen?

Sign up the first day of the convention at the door. They will be in Chicken Flavored Top Ramen Cups. Preheated water will be poured and we'll wait between 3 to 5 minutes to cook and cool.

First round. 16 Contestants. Top 8 will continue.

Second round. 8 Contestants Top 2 will continue

Third and final round. 2 Contestants. There will only be One Ramen Warrior Champion.

Las Cruces Game Convention (LCGC) and associated parties are not responsible for any illness or discomfort the contest may cause. Open to all ages. Contestants must finish all ramen and veggies in the cup completely. Including broth/liquid/water left behind. Judges will be present to announce winners and rules will be explained in person again.